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Norsk Stabijhoun Klubb 10 år, Offisiell spesialutstilling, Rustberg Camping, Øyer, 19.8.17

Dommer: Angèlique Plasman, Netherland

Junior klasse/junior class

Antall påmeldte/number of registrated: 27



15 month old feminin dog. Still got her puppy looks. Her built is a bit light, but all in good proportions. Feminin head in good proportion. Excellent eyes, ears and excellent scissor bite. Excellent top and underline. Deep chest that will broader. Good ribs and loins, good angulation. Croup a bit steep. Good legs and feet. Easy gait, just a bit short. Tail well carried. Excellent coat. Would like to see her more confident.

Excellent, no. 3, CK