Kennel Næssgården

In Norwegian

Our family are Britt and Lars Pinderud, our twinboys Simen and Anders who are 21 years old, and our four dogs; the Shetland Sheepdog male Xit and the Bernese Mountain Dog female Gozita are 9 years old. In July 2011 we bought a grey Belgian Shepherd Tervueren male; Marco who is 6 years old. We have kept a stabijfemale from Ambras second litter, Delphi, who is 4 years old.

Lars and his familiy had a Golden Retriever male; Jacko, when he grow up. Britt always wanted a dog from she was a child, but it didn't become a reality before she in 1987 bought a Bernese Mountain Dog female, Sally. In 1990 Lars bought his first dog, the BMD Amigo. We met eachother through the Norwegian Bernese Mountain Dog Club, area Oslo and Omegn in 1992, and we can for sure say that it was Sally and Amigo which lead us together.

In October 2009 an article about us was published in Norwegian Kennel Clubs magazine Hundesport, written by Stine Bøe.

We also had two groenendael; the female Vezita and the male Quatro, both from Kennel Sabako, and one tervueren; the female Tanita. The Berner Sennen female Siane was put asleep in the beginning of September 2009. In the beginning of May 2011 our first Friese Stabij female Alfi was put asleep, much too early, only 9 years old. Our mix dog Uzy was put asleep in the end of February 2015, he was almost 13 years old. Three months later we had to say goodbye to Ambra as well, she was 10 years old. We kept her from Alfis first litter, she was the firstborn in Norway and here with us. All these dogs are deeply missed and you can read more about them at Our dogs.

Lars is educated step 1 instructure from the Norwegian Kennel Club. He has been a member of the board of NBSK area Oslo and Omegn, was placechief in NBSKs committee for Dog Shows and has been a member of the agilitycommitte in Follo Brukshundklubb.

Britt started some years ago Norwegian Kennel Clubs ringsecretaryedcucation, but then it  was no more. She has always been activ in boards etc. Has been in the board of Ila Ungdomskorps (marchingband), NBSK area Oslo and Omegn and Follo Brukshundclub. Has been member of NBSKs committee for dog shows, committee of editing (the magazine) and breedingcommittee. For 11 years she was leader of FBKs committee of dog shows and has been responsible for Folloutstillingen; agility, obedience and puppyshow. January 2006 was the last time, and it was nice to get back the christmas again. From its inception in October 2007 until April 2014 she sat as head of Norwegian Stabijhoun Club and left the board in April 2015. In January 2016 Britt was elected as secretary in NBSK area Buskerud.

Our breed are small, the first litter with stabij came in March 2005, the second in March 2007, the third in April 2010, the fourth in March 2013 and the fifth in the end of April 2016. In April 2012 we had our first litter with Berner Sennen puppies after waiting about 20 years. We think it's important that the puppies are soscial when they get to their new homes, that's why they grow up together with us. The first three weeks they are at a room alone together with the mother, but visitors are coming and going from time to time. Rest of the time until delivery they live together with us in the livingroom where there are a lot of noise from the TV, vacuumcleaner etc. They also get used to children, both our own and others, and the other dogs in the family.

The pedigreename we have taken from the farm we moved to 1st of December 2015. The place is Sandsvær, Kongsberg Commune, between Skollenborg and Hvittingfoss.

In January 2012 Britt conducted Norwegian Kennel Clubs kynologicourse and in October 2012 she partisipated in a seminar for dog behvavior arranged by Norwegian Kennel Club. In the beginning of November 2012 she conducted the Breederschool 1 and in the end of November 2013 Breederschool 2. In the end of January 2013 she participated Breed advice course arranged by the Norwegian Kennel Club.

Britt is member of Follo Brukshundklubb, Norwegian Berner Sennenhund Club, Norwegian Stabijhoun Club, Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog, Swedish Stabijhoun Club and the Dutch Club for Stabij and Wetterhoun (NVSW). Lars is familymember of Follo Brukshundclub, Norwegian Stabijhoun Club and Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club.



Most of the summerholiday we are spending at Britts familycottage which is at Marikova, Søndre Hallangen (a little bit inside of Drøbak in Inner Oslofjord). If it's nice wheather, we are spending the time at the beach or with the boat at the sea.

We want to thank our good friend in NBSK; Hilde Holst, who helped us to start with this website in January 2005.